Some of Atlas DEX past developments and future developments to expect

Weโ€™re building the Atlas DEX Ecosystem, powered by the $ATS token

Past Quarters

Q3 2021

  • Start of fundraising from Key Partners
  • Testnet Development (Solana to Polygon)
  • Integration with Wormhole

Q4 2021

  • Cross-chain swap Alpha Launch (Solana to ETH/BSC/Polygon)
  • Completion of $6M Strategic Funding round
  • Rebranding of Atlas DEX

Current and Future Developments

Q1 2022 (Current)

  • Launch of v1.0 Cross-Chain swaps (Solana to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon)
  • Initial DEX Offering (IDO) with Solstarter
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with Huobi and Gate.io
  • $ATS token Staking
  • Launch of v2.0 Cross-chain swaps to/from any chain (Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom)

Q2 2022

  • All-in-one DeFi Dashboard
  • DeFi Options Vaults
  • Launchpad Integration with Terra & Harmony chains
  • NFT Launchpad

Q3 2022

  • Integration of additional chains
  • Governance DAO
  • NFT Marketplace

Q4 2022

  • Integration of additional chains
  • More updates are to be announced!
*Roadmap updated as of 01/03/2022