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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did my swap fail?

We’re sorry to hear that your swap failed. We are continuously improving and logging any issues.

There are a few possible reasons for why this happened:

  1. Closing or refreshing the browser may stop the token transfer process. [In this situation, your balance may be locked in Wormhole — see Q2]

  2. We didn't receive approvals from your wallets. [In this situation, your balance may be locked in Wormhole — see Q2]

  3. High volumes of transactions on one of the networks you are swapping to or from. This has caused some transaction failures in the past.

If you have feedback you’d like to share, please use the Support form within our app.

2. I started my swap - but my tokens did not arrive in my target wallet, but have left my origin wallet. What do I do?

Your tokens will be locked in Wormhole, and you'll need to redeem them. This may have happened if you navigated away from the window, or rejected the transaction.

Steps to redeem your balance:

  1. Head to or click the redeem tab

  2. Select the type > Token

  3. Select the chain that the token was sent from

  4. Input the source transaction only. The rest of the fields will auto populate. To find the source transaction, go to the wallet it was sent from, and click on the transaction. Copy and paste into ‘Source Tx’ field.

  5. Click recover and you will be redirected to the transfer page to complete the transaction.

For screenshots, see Wormhole’s Redeem Workflow Tutorial.

Got more questions? Talk to us on our Discord server!

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