🏦$ATS Staking

Stake your $ATS and earn high yields + exclusive benefits for supporting the Atlas DEX platform

Benefits of Staking

Staking allows long-term token $ATS holders to be passively rewarded with more $ATS over time.

  • ✅ | $ATS stakers earn 75% of the trading fees from our DEX platform

  • ✅ | $ATS stakers will be able to access exclusive benefits, such as pre-sale lists for new projects, airdrops and giveaways.

About xATS Tokens

  • Staked $ATS = xATS

  • APY indicates Annual Percentage Yield on your xATS

  • The ratio of xATS to $ATS = the conversion of xATS to ATS on the day if you stake or unstake

xATS tokens can be swapped over to $ATS tokens anytime. There's also no minimum or maximum on how much you can stake.

How to stake $ATS tokens

  1. Connect your Wallet

We are currently supporting Solana wallets such as Phantom and Sollet.

2. Enter the amount of $ATS tokens you would like to stake

The amount of xATS you receive is based off the 1 xATS = __ ATS ratio at the time. See 'How to calculate your ATS rewards' below.

3. Approve the transaction

And your $ATS tokens have been successfully staked. In your wallet, you would have received some xATS tokens (Staked Atlas DEX token).

How to calculate your ATS rewards

The amount of xATS you receive is based off the 1 xATS = __ ATS ratio at the time.

For example:

  • If the current ratio is 1xATS = 1.17 ATS and you stake 1000 ATS;

  • Then you will receive 1,000 ATS / 1.17 = 854.7 xATS

As the 1xATS = __ ATS ratio grows over time, the ATS value of your xATS will grow.

For example:

  • At a later period, 1xATS = 1.3 ATS, and you unstake your 854.7 xATS;

  • Then you will receive 854.7 xATS x 1.3 = 1,111.11 ATS

xATS Reward Tiers (coming soon...)

ATS stakers will access exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Pre-sale list priority for projects in the Atlas DEX ecosystem

  • Eligibility for Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

  • Governance (Such as voting rights on project decisions)

Stake ATS to support the Atlas DEX platform while earning yields for your deposits!

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