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Hey, What is Atlas DEX?

Atlas DEX is a Decentralized Cross-Chain DEX aggregator that allows users to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies across multiple chains. We currently support cross-chain swaps of over 1500 tokens from blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Chain (BNB), Solana, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom.

Atlas's liquidity aggregation would automatically collate the best prices from multiple DEXs and AMMs, ensuring the lowest slippage for all your trades. We also support swaps for native tokens, where users do not need to unwrap their tokens.

You simply have to connect your wallets, pick your desired trading pairs and Atlas DEX will handle the rest!

What makes Atlas DEX different?

While there are many DEXs across multiple chains, Atlas DEX's unique value proposition to users is our Cross-Chain Swaps, Minimal Slippage and Fast Transactions.

Most DEXs are limited to trading cryptocurrencies on the same chain, leaving users to have to fumble around with bridges to move cryptocurrencies from one chain to another. - Ahmed Salam | Founder of Atlas DEX

Cross-Chain Swaps

Atlas DEX allows you to trade any token across multiple chains, powered by permissionless bridges. Using Wormhole, the bridging of tokens is done in a secure and decentralised manner. The future of blockchain is interconnectivity and Atlas is at the forefront of developments.

Minimal Slippage

Atlas DEX automatically splits your trades across different AMMs to access the best price and minimise slippage. Gone are the days where you have to search between DEXs for the lowest slippage for the trading pair. Atlas collates liquidity from every far corner of the DeFi world and provides users with the deepest pool of aggregated liquidity.

Support for Native tokens

Atlas DEX supports native token swaps, meaning our users can directly convert token A (ETH) to token B (BNB), without needing to wrap (wETH) and unwrap the tokens (wBNB), as you would with a bridge. Our native Coin Swap makes going from one blockchain to another more accessible than ever before.

What can I do on Atlas DEX?

Atlas DEX delivers a simple user interface through our dApp that fulfils the varied needs of users. We believe that Atlas will be the preferred platform for both retail and institutional investors to navigate through the increasingly multichain world that we live in!

Key features under development you could look out for:

  • An All-In-One DeFi Dashboard that allows you to manage assets on multiple wallets

  • An NFT and Token Launchpad to invest in exciting crypto projects

  • Integration with additional chains E.g Harmony, Terra

We are working hard to build the next generation of products for the DeFi ecosystem!

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