🛠️$ATS Token

Atlas DEX token is the native platform token which powers the Atlas DEX ecosystem. ATS will have the following use cases: governance, staking, participation. Additional use cases can be introduced by the DAO.


ATS can be staked on Atlas DEX to earn a share of the protocol's revenue. Currently, 100% of revenue generated from trading fees go towards ATS buybacks. 75% of buybacks are redistributed back to ATS stakers and 25% will be burned.

ATS stakers will also enjoy benefits, such as discounts on swap fees, which will be introduced in Q3 2022.

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xATS will be the governance token which allows token holders to participate in governing Atlas DEX. Token holders will be able to create and vote for governance proposals, and make changes to Atlas DEX at the protocol level.


Atlas DEX will be launching several product lines in the future, as part of the protocol's vision to be a full fledged cross-chain decentralized exchange ("CEX killer"). Starting with a cross-chain NFT launchpad (Q3 2022), Atlas DEX will unlock cross-chain liquidity and bring interoperability to NFTs. Users will be required to hold ATS to participate in the Atlas ecosystem.

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ETH: coming soon

BNB: coming soon

AVAX: coming soon

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