Atlas DEX has completed full audits with security auditors to ensure the safety and security of our dApp

Funds are SAFU

Atlas DEX is a bridge and DEX aggregator. It taps on TVL from decentralized bridges such as Wormhole to enable seamless cross-chain native swaps. Atlas DEX is committed to reducing the inconvenience and security risks DeFi users face from dealing with wrapped assets. Atlas DEX does not require its own cross-chain liquidity pools and exposure to wrapped assets are limited to only the duration of a cross-chain swap.

Atlas DEX has been fully audited by FairyProof and Kuldeski Security, 2 prominent security auditing firms in the blockchain space. All known issues have been promptly fixed.

Importance of Security Audits

Security Audits by third parties are an additional layer of protection to help identify potential bugs and vulnerabilities.

The Atlas DEX team is committed to the safety and security of our funds and users.

Funds are SAFU

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