Tokenomics of the $ATS Token

Basic Tokenomics

Atlas DEX has a maximum supply of 250 million $ATS tokens.

Vesting Schedules

These allocations are made to ensure the long-term growth and development of Atlas DEX.

Allocation% of Total SupplyToken Release Schedule

Community Incentives


Differs for each campaign

Liquidity and Platform Incentives


Dynamically allocated to liquidity pools

Team & Advisors


3.5 years vesting (1 year locked, 2.5 years linear)

Private Investors


Performance-Based Vesting (see table below)

Treasury Reserves



Performance-Based Vesting Schedule for Private Investors

Performance-Based Vesting is a novel kind of vesting model, designed to improve alignment between project performance and token unlocks.

AllocationIf total swap volume >$3bIf total swap volume <$3b

Private Investors

Locked for 6 months, then of their allocation;

  • 10% vested linearly for 10 days; then

  • 90% vested linearly for 2 years

Locked for 9 months, then of their allocation;

  • 10% vested linearly for 10 days; then

  • 90% vested linearly for 2 years

More Tokenomics Details

Want more information on the locking and vesting schedules for the $ATS tokens?

  • Public Sale tokens were for our Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on Solstarter and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Huobi, where 2.675 million $ATS tokens were sold. The token price for public sale and private investors was the same, at $0.14.

  • Community Incentives tokens are used to promote and incentivise users to actively participate on the Atlas DEX platform. Tokens will be released linearly for 1 year, from the time users receive them.

  • Treasury Reserves will remain locked and uncirculated.

  • Liquidity and Platform Incentives tokens which are used to incentivise and promote liquidity of $ATS.

What about the Team, Advisors and Private Investors?

  • Tokens allocated for the Team and Advisors would be locked for 12 months from the start of our IDO and subsequently released linearly for 2.5 years. This ensures that our team remains aligned to the long-term development and growth of Atlas DEX.

  • Private Investors' vesting schedule includes Performance-Based Vesting.

    • This means their tokens are unlocked upon the project reaching a certain milestone (i.e. reaching $3bn in total swap volumes).

    • This encourages Private Investors to further support our growth by using, referring and providing feedback on the Atlas DEX platform.

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