Step-by-Step guide

A simple guide to swapping cryptocurrencies across chains with Atlas DEX
Trading native tokens across different chains is simple with Atlas DEX!

1. Set up the trade

  • Select source chain and destination chain
  • Select the tokens you would like to swap to and from
  • Enter the amount you would like to trade
The optimised routing for the swap and slippage would be shown

2. Connect your wallet/s

Connecting the sending wallet

  • Select the connect wallet icon
  • Select your wallet
Connecting the receiving wallet
  • Select the receiving wallet icon
  • Select your wallet

3. Swapping your tokens

  • Click on Swap button to confirm your swap
  • Prompts will appear for you to approve the transaction on the side of your sending and receiving wallet
Approve all prompts.
Wait for the transaction to be completed
All the processes to wrap and unwrap your token, exchange it and to bridge it across the different chains would be done on the backend for you

4. Completion

And we are done!
  • You can click on 'Hash' for Transaction Details
You'll see the updated token balance in your wallet.
Thank you for using Atlas DEX!
Atlas DEX
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